New form of travelling

Take a small adventure without using guide book

Matching easily

Matching with host that meet Your requirement easily just by Pick a location and choose your expected requirement.

2 kinds of Request

With 2 request method,「Now」and「Reserve」, And then wait for host apply the job.

Being for both guest, host

Everyone can using the same app to become a guest, a host ( local guide) just by registed.

You can request 2 type of host

A volunteer guest who will guide you with no charge, or you can pay some fee to be guided by Pro host.

Welcome guest

You can decided greeting style at your will

Welcome sincerely

Only keep Guest satisfied, it can not call a successful attending. The most important thing is, Guide your home town to your beloved friend with all your heart.

Payment method from guest

All payment will be paid via favor. No need to pay with cash directly. It will be charged when guest review host.

Income and fee

Using favor is free. When attending finished, sale amounts was fixed, Favor will charge 10% matching service fee.

The way to received payment

Payment will transfer to bank account. When guest review and pay, it will add up to sales amount, you can decide a number from your sale amount to request transfer.
※ We will enlarge received method later.

Main function of app

  • Matching function
  • Reserve request function
  • Review host, payment function
  • Registed Guest / Host
  • Chat function